SmartSolar MPPT

A solar charger gathers energy from your solar panels, and stores it in your batteries. Using the latest, fastest technology, SmartSolar maximises this energy-harvest, driving it intelligently to achieve full charge in the shortest possible time. SmartSolar maintains battery health, extending its life.

The SmartSolar charge controller will even recharge a severely depleted battery. It can operate with a battery voltage as low as 0 Volts, provided the cells are not permanently sulphated or otherwise damaged.

Available Models:

100v 50a
150v 35a
100v 30a
150v 100a TR
150v 45a TR
150v 60a TR
150v 70a TR
150v 70a TR
100v 20A (48v)
250v 60A TR
250v 70a TR
250v 85a TR
100v 20a (12/24v)


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